What if you could express yourself beautifully?

Our gorgeous outfits will do that to you


We have this crazy idea that if you look gorgeous, you'll feel confident.

What we wear should do more than protect us and provide decency...

A woman’s clothing should also make her feel beautiful, confident and unique. Our outfits are versatile, bold and bright. You can dress it up for parties or proms. For work and daily hustling, you can dress it down to suit. Whether your days are, we believe women should look like herself — beautiful inside and out.

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All our outfits are limited editions

Meet our latest outfits

Because you are a limited edition too! There is only one of you and we celebrate that. We limit each style + fabric combo to a few pieces. Fancy having something unique?


Happy Clients!

"Thank you for the jumpsuit, it is absolutely beautiful and fits perfect"
"Fits beautifully and the fabric is gorgeous…"

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African-inspired women's
fashion brand

We believe in the power of looking and feeling beautiful through bold and bright outfits. Our designs are all limited editions, so what you buy is unique. We are passionate about bringing African print fabric, Ankara, to the world. Ankara provides an income to millions of African families. 

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